Event and Crewing


The way you do anything, is the way you do everything.

We have a deeply ingrained passion for constructing amazing experiences.
But more so than our lust for events, concerts and festivals, is our love for each other, our teammates and our clients.
What makes us a cut above the rest; we genuinely care about the people we work with, and our service is driven by happiness. From Aldo & Dylan, our owner-operators, all the way through to our newest recruits, we are there for each other.
This results in a team that shows up, supports each other through challenges, and gets the job done, safely, and more efficiently than any other labour provider in the industry.

Cyclus is WA’s premier event construction and crewing service. Our team is the best at what we do, because of one simple motto, our purpose

Get it done. TOGETHER.


Whether you require just one specialised crew member, or an experienced crew of many to create your ideal event team, Cyclus is the solution for your next event. Trust in our knowledge and experience to bring your event to life.

“I’ve been working with the Cyclus team namely Dylan and Aldo since 2019 for major festival work and building a team around the guys as senior operators on a 50-staff team. To work with contractors who have the right skill set, diligence and ability to lead a team is a huge asset for any business. Not only is the problem-solving from Dylan and Aldo second to none they are always an absolute pleasure to have on the ground.”

We live and breathe our company values, to ensure that we are

FREEDOM. Choose it.
We allow our client’s complete flexibility with our service. We will work alongside your existing team and other labour providers, to ensure your vision is met. Make changes or cancel at any time!*

Our team is taught from the get-go, we are the most reliable event crew and we must uphold this standard every day. This results in a crew that takes ownership of all mistakes, safety concerns, and unforeseen circumstances. Our crew provides solutions, not problems.

HEART. Give it.
As we said before, we have a deeply ingrained passion for constructing amazing experiences. Whether it’s unloading a truck, assembling furniture, building a marquee, or theming a display, our team looks towards the vision, the end result, to understand the impact of their piece in the puzzle, making your project immaculate.

ENERGY. Bring it.
It’s the spark, the pazaz, the stamina to make it happen. Our team will run, jump and climb to get the job done (safely of course). Our team are inspired to bring enthusiasm and pace to every shift. It means your project or event is completed on time, every time.

ADVENTURE. Go for it.
Our team are adventurous to try new things, speak up with new solutions, request new training, partake in new experiences and delve into new environments. Need something unique done, ask our team, if it’s safe, we will work with you to achieve it.

*fees and charges may apply

Did you know?

After each major project, the Cyclus team host an internal “After Action Review”,
a process originally developed by the US Army and still used by military units here in Australia.

In these meetings, we get the team together in a board room environment to discuss what happened during the event build, show and bump out, how it happened, and what can be done to improve for the next time. Individual team members are congratulated for their efforts and critiqued and coached through mistakes.
The conversations are honest and complex. The result is always an improvement.

This is one of the many ways Cyclus is proactively seeking to ensure our team grows, our service improves, and we are always on track to hold the title of Australia’s most loved on-demand team.

Date/s our team are required
Time/s our team are required
The number of our team that are required and in what skill sets
Starting location/s our team are required at
The name and contact details of your representative on the day
A brief description of the job to be done
Any specific PPE or tools required to complete the job
Any other information you think we should know (Inductions etc)
Are the crew required to be vaccinated

“During an incredibly difficult time for staffing, we have turned to labour-hire companies to fill in the shortfall. We want a company that shares the same values and enthusiasm for the events industry that we have. Cyclus have proven their reliability time and time again.”

How much do you charge?
This differs widely between day, time and skillset. For a more comprehensive answer please request a quote or email [email protected]

Are your team certified?
All our team members are certified to Australian standards for the skills offered.

How do you ensure that you have trained team members?
As a business, we are devoted to improving the career opportunities of our team, and ensuring we have a skilled team available for future projects. With this in mind, we endeavour to train selected team members in a new and relevant skill set every calendar month.

What about your hiring process makes you unique?
Simple – we hire on attitude. Cyclus is a breeding ground for legends. Skills can be taught, but a good attitude is tough to come by. More specifically, the attitude a new recruit has towards our company’s Purpose, Vision, Values and Mission will be the difference in whether they make it as a Cycloid or not.

What are your available hours?
We work 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 364 days a year. (We take one day for our EOFY “Christmas” Party)

How do you choose who you will work with?
EVERYONE! Come one, come all. We love making new friends. However, we will (and have) cease a working relationship with any person or business that causes our team to feel physically or psychologically unsafe, including promoting sexism or racism, expecting our team to work longer than is legally allowed, expecting our team to do dangerous tasks or anything that they are not comfortable doing that would seem unreasonable in the eyes of the majority.

How do you maintain a safe working environment?
Our team leaders take their team through a brief toolbox discussion that highlights general housekeeping, PPE and safety concerns, as well as the tasks for the shift ahead. After each major event or project, as mentioned, we host an After Action Review. In this meeting, there is a specific space held for reviewing and improving safety concerns.