So you’re interested in building gigs? (That’s an industry term, you can have that one for free) 

And you want the freedom and flexibility to live your way! 

…well you have come to the right place. 

As an Event Construction Crew member, you’ll be part of the legendary team that works with events producers, managers and promoters to build their vision, physically. Within this role are two sub-roles that every applicant is expected to understand and be open to performing. They are Production Crew and Site Crew. 

As part of the Production Crew, your ultimate leader is the client Production Manager. You will be guided in installing rigging, lighting, audio and visual displays at stadiums, ballrooms, universities, community centres, concerts and festivals. Production Crews are usually the last in, and the first out, meaning you will have to be capable of late nights, and early mornings. The below list of key tasks is but the tip of the iceberg. Please know that you will be taught how to do every task on the job, so don’t be scared.

Production Crew key tasks include – 

  • Unloading and loading of trucks of road cases containing lighting, audio, visual and instruments
  • Connecting together truss and other rigging equipment under the supervision of a qualified Rigger
  • Installation of safety equipment such as cable ramps, stairs, handrails, retractable barriers, cones, bollards and bunting
  • Installation of power and other types of cables that assist in controlling the audio, lighting and visual equipment
  • Installation and positioning of audio, lighting, and visual equipment
  • Installation of theming such as furniture, flower arrangements, centrepieces, candles and media walls
  • Driving 3-Ton Pantech trucks – the kind you can drive on a normal driver’s license

As part of the Site Crew, your leader is the client Site Manager. You will be responsible for the installation of signage, furniture, security fencing, toilets, power and many more. You are the “jack of all” and in some cases, you could be expected to operate machinery to assist with the tasks at hand, for which you will be fully trained by an Australian RTO in advance. To reiterate, the below list of key tasks is but the tip of the iceberg. Please know that you will be taught how to do every task on the job, so don’t be scared.

Site Crew key tasks include – 

  • Distribution of furniture using a forklift, telehandler, pallet jack, trailer or golf buggy
  • Distribution and installation of crowd control barriers, punter barriers and temporary fencing
  • Distribution and installation of directional signage such as entry, emergency exit, toilets, food and free drinking water
  • Installation of event-branded fencing scrim and signage 
  • Installation of theming such as feather banners, flags and stage signage
  • Distribution of ground protection such as ground Track Mat, ProFloor and TerraFlor
  • Re-installation and changing infrastructure such as fencing, marquees, and toilets to meet the immediate adaptations of the event site

Event Construction Crew role relies heavily on your commitment to the team, being on time, working effectively and being the most helpful person in the room – while being vulnerable, sharing your opinions and laughing your way through the shift. At Cyclus, you get out what you put in, literally. Those that stand out from the crowd with their commitment to our values of Freedom, Reliability, Heart, Energy and Adventure will be the first in line for gaining new accredited skills and growing to become future Event and Site Managers.

Every day will be rewarding as you play a key role in constructing amazing experiences!